Fernhill Fibre

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Fernhill Fibre Fleece Standards

Jen Hunter

@ Fernhill Farm we starting developing these standards in 2009 when we decided that Fernhill Fibre needed its own identity to set our exceptional fibres above average fleeces grown on UK sheep farms. Working with buyers to perfect our on-farm wool grading and sorting system, we want to share Andrew Wear’s lifetime vision and Jen Hunter’s dedication to highlight the value of raw sheep fleeces as we believe quality begins with genetics, guaranteed at shearing, perfected at handling stages and is easily accessible for buyer to create the colourful future of our exceptional sheep wool fibres


Fernhill Fibre applies improved methods for growing and harvesting fleece from our multipurpose commercial flocks following a transparent holistic approach to produce pasture-fed meat, quality wool whilst enhancing animal welfare, soil biodiversity, shepherding, shearing and wool handling skills.


Operating throughout the seasons professional Blade shearers select sheep with superior fleeces for timely shearing to harvest fine fleeces in all the native colours. On-farm sorting, grading and colour coding maintains consistent fibre excellence across the grades.

Processing :

Trusting our Great British textile heritage, we continue to seek  gentle biological processing approaches to ensure our fantastic fibres create lifetime fabrics whilst treading lightly on our struggling planet.

On-line shops and direct farm-gate for Greasy Fleece Excellence. Take commissions for scoured fibres, carded rovings, knitting and weaving yarns. Felted fabrics, finished garments and accessories help us demonstrate our fibre potential at specialist wool events and we run shearing courses, wool workshops and residential courses as we are truly An Arcadian Place to Stay