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Lopi yarn

Loom knitting for gentle hands – accessible crafting

WorkshopsMarina Blackburn

On the farm and at events we attend, we love to offer a workshop that Jen runs: making a snood on an oversized French knitting loom.
The workshop uses multiple strands of our soft Lopi yarn in various colours, and combines them to make a flexible, versatile accessory that traps in warmth without weighing down.

These sessions were originally designed for adults with special needs. The large pegs and chunky yarn make the workshop friendly and supportive for those who are less dexterous and enjoy a satisfying, quick project. This also makes the craft perfect for children who may not be ready for fiddly, slow work, or people who might have hand and wrist problems that prevent them from spending hours on small-scale traditional knitting. It’s great for those who have no previous experience, or those who have tried the craft before and would like to spend time relaxing and creating something with their hands.

Fernhill Fibre Snood Knitting Workshop

Lopi yarn

The workshop uses our own Lopi yarn that’s completely UK-produced and processed. Our Lopi yarn is based on the traditional Icelandic yarn of the same name, where the wool fibres are very loosely spun into a lofty, airy yarn with little structure and a lot of warmth.
Lopi is usually made from Icelandic wool, which can be quite coarse and not pleasant to wear against the skin. It’s perfect for protecting against harsh weather, though!

The Lopi yarn made from our Fernhill flock, however, is spun from either mostly Shetland or Bluefaced Leicester wool. Through decades of careful breeding, the fibre is soft and still strong, and perfect for items that will be worn against the body for all but the most delicate skin. This means that the resulting garments and accessories benefit from the light, woollen structure to protect from the cold and rain, but are not irritating and scratchy.

Making a snood on a French knitting loom

Using the Lopi in a variety of hand-dyed colours, workshop participants are able to choose their colour combination, wind up a ball of yarn, and then learn how to begin knitting on the loom, work their snood to the desired length, and finish it off. This usually takes only an hour or so, and it’s great to be able to have a finished item by the end of the workshop!

The resulting snood can be worn as a neck-warmer, a short scarf, or a headband, depending how it’s folded. The oversized pegs create a very open fabric that’s immensely flexible and stretchy, making it very comfy to wear. Over time, as the fibres rub against each other, they mesh together a little to trap air perfectly to insulate and provide warmth.

Make your own!

If you have a small group of people who would like to learn this simple, rewarding craft using all local materials, we have workshop tickets available and can arrange a date for you to come to the farm.

We are also soon going to offer the knitting looms and yarn as kits in a slightly reduced range of colours. These will include everything you need to make your own snood at home, with detailed, illustrated instructions. The knitting looms are made by a local woodworker. We’re delighted to be able to team up to bring this craft to people who may not be able to come to the farm or one of the events we attend.